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How does it work?

The aerosolized sealant is sprayed inside the house, and with the house pressurized at 100 pa, the sealant will find its way into holes as big as ½ inch in diameter

When should air sealing be done?

Air sealing is best applied right after drywall is installed, but can be also be applied after framing inspection, and after the house is built

How long does air sealing take?

it depends on factors such as size of house, and tightness at start of process, but typically a seal takes about 3-4 hours

Which surfaces need to be protected?

For houses in construction phase, all horizontal surfaces, like window sills, tub ledges, and the like need to be protected, as well as vents and other outside penetrations; for lived-in houses, including previous it would be cabinet doors, finished floors, vents, counter tops, furniture (if they cannot be taken outside of home) and any other finished horizontal surfaces

How quickly can other work resume after air sealing?

1 hour after seal would be sufficient for cleanup and sealant dissipation; crews can continue working then

How long does Aerobarrier last?

Based on third-party lab tested, Aerobarrier can withstand a 50 year durability test with little or no degradation

What metrics will be measured during seal?

Home Tight uses a diagnostic system that measures tightness in ACH 50 and CFM before and after the seal, as well as percentage reduction in air leakage; also, equivalent leakage (in sq. in.) for pre and post seal is measured. Report for the seal can be generated and sent within day of seal